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The turbo of wound healing.

The new procedure to accelerate initial wound healing. Endogenous factors, fibrin and platelets can be obtained from the blood and used in bone augmentation.

Using a simple withdrawal of blood and a special centrifugation process, the number of cells, platelets and growth factors can be greatly concentrated. 
This concentrate is mixed into the bone graft substitute. Cells and growth factors are now already in place and no longer need to migrate to the operating field.
The result: a remarkably accelerated healing!


Small is big.

Many procedures are only successful if the problem is addressed on a small scale and as carefully as possible.

Optical magnification systems – like the surgical microscope or magnifying lenses – open up another world to us!
We use up to 25X magnification – in particular in implantology and periodontal surgery.

Here the finest instruments and materials play a large role. Microsurgical technology enables minimal procedures with maximum precision – your treatment is significantly more gentle.


Oscillation instead of rotation.

Gentle surgical techniques using piezosurgery. Whether plastic periodontal surgery or the most delicate bone surgery – high frequency instruments allow us to work with the smallest risk effectively and with control.

The greatest advantage of this surgical method lies in the bone structures being worked on piezosurgically, without neighboring soft tissue structures being affected during contact.

Growth proteins / Tissue regeneration

The goal of any regenerative treatment is the re-establishment of a fully functional periodontal apparatus. 

Enamel matrix proteins (complex made of native proteins) play a key role in the development of our tooth-supporting tissue. Emdogain® (a complex made of enamel matrix proteins) was developed to copy this biological tooth development process. The application of Emdogain® on the cleaned root surface of the periodontally diseased tooth supports the regeneration of the periodontium, which includes the cement, the periodontal ligament, the gums and the alveolar bone.

Emdogain® is indicated for: Regenerative Periodontal SurgeryRecession coverage

3D navigated implantation

Safety & precision through optimal planning.

The goal of every implantation is the accurate positioning of the tooth implant. This is particularly important for later prosthetic restorations, e.g. an esthetic implant crown. A three-dimensional simulation of the implant on the computer before the actual operation helps to realize this goal in many cases.

For implant surgeries we can therefore weigh all important decisions based on a 3D simulation and discuss them with you before the implant is actually inserted.

Implant length and position? Implant diameter? Which implant system? Is bone augmentation needed? Which surgical procedure should we use? We consider all these questions beforehand on the basis of three-dimensional planning and can concentrate fully on your treatment during the actual implant insertion. Individually manufactured navigation templates are used in the operation. These increase the safety and precision of your surgery. 

In every single case, we decide whether the implantation should take place with or without a navigation template. What is decisive and essential, however, is the surgical expertise of the implantologist.

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