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Immediate implants

What is an immediate implant and who is eligible to have one?

Immediate implant surgery refers to the full treatment – extraction of your natural tooth and implant placement – in one session. The requirements for this approach include sufficient bone in the corresponding area of the jaw and a surgical site that is almost free of inflammation.

The earlier a tooth that is not worth preserving is replaced by an implant, the better. This prevents the risk of inflammation and bone loss, a situation which would make it more difficult to place an implant at a later date.

Immediate implant surgery does not require time-consuming bone augmentation. The criterion for this is the so-called primary stability. It tells us whether implant stability in the bone will be sufficient immediately after placement. We use implants shaped to provide a high degree of primary stability.

Before immediate implant surgery can be performed, diagnostic assessment and surgery planning by means of dental digital volume tomography (DVT) / 3D radiography and the manufacturing of the perfect implant restorations have to be undertaken.

Patients with periodontal disease are eligible for immediate implant surgery too.

Immediate restoration and immediate loading of the implant

A temporary crown is placed on the implant in the same session. To prevent excessive loading, patients should be careful when biting throughout the first 6-8 weeks. 

Immediate loading of the implant is possible if a high degree of stability is achieved at the time of placement of the dental implant. Prerequisites include good bone quality and a specifically designed implant.

Immediate restoration and immediate implant placement ensure optimum use of the bone at the site as well as ideal gum preservation and support for perfect aesthetics.

The advantages are obvious:

  • Gentle technique in the hands of a specialist
  • Shorter treatment duration 
  • Overall less treatment steps and less appointments for you
  • Gap prevention by placement of an immediate temporary crown
  • Reduced costs as final restoration is achieved in less steps

“Immediate implant” or "Fixed teeth in 1 day"

Eligible for this technique "Fixed teeth in 1 day" are patients who either have no teeth or whose teeth cannot be preserved for medical reasons. In these patients, restoration of the full arch can be achieved in one session by placing special implants. In contrast, immediate implant surgery generally replaces one individual tooth.

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