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Model of upper jaw with 6 Implants and bridge.
Fixed bridge.
All-On-4 method. Implants with up to 30° incline.

Fast and reliable.

We can now treat patients who have already lost or will lose several teeth permanently with a fixed “third” set – with only one operation.

Based on the individual situation and the existing bone at the surgical sites, four to six implants per arch are placed (All-on-4™, All-on-5, All-on-6, All-on-X). The number of implants placed is not so important. What matters most is the secure and stable anchoring of your "fixed denture".

The time-consuming bone augmentation prior to implant surgery is not required. Within a few hours, a firmly anchored bridge is placed. Immediately after completion of surgery, you can use your new teeth. Solutions based on this concept come under various brands or trademarks, including All-on-4™, ReVitalize™, Fast&Fixed™, TeethXpress™, and Smartfix™, among others.

Your advantages at a glance – 

  • The “Fixed teeth in 1 Day” method is generally always possible.
  • You leave the practice with beautiful, fixed teeth on the same day.
  • Long healing times without teeth can be dealt with using this method.
  • A time-consuming bone augmentation can be avoided.
  • Palate-free solution with an individually produced bridge.
  • The number of dentist visits needed is reduced.
  • The costs are reduced by approx. 30% in comparison with the conventional method (8 tooth implants per jaw with bone augmentation).

Lifelong care. 

Your health and your smile are top priority for us! We offer you an ultramodern and comfortable concept to make your “Fixed Third Teeth” possible for a lifetime. 

Steps of the implant procedure (All-On-4)

Precise 3D computer-supported planning of the implant surgery based on 3D X-rays.
Secure and gentle placement of the implants using a navigation pattern.
Tilted implant placement (angle up to 30°).
Attachment of the fixed bridge with screws.

Treatment procedure

Daily routine

8 hours to a new smile.

The day of the operation 
7:30 a.m. Arrival at the practice
8:00 a.m. Induction of anesthesia & Operation with immediate implantation
11:00 a.m. Recovery from anesthesia
3:00 p.m. Use of your “Fixed Third Teeth”
4:00 p.m. Pick-up by a family member or friend/ Transfer to the hotel. You can have some light food on the day of the operation and eat carefully. We are here for you 24/7!


What happens next.

The next day – If necessary, a brief check-up of the operating field takes place.

Short-term check-ups – 7 to 10 days after the operation, we check on the healing process. The stitches are removed and an individual framework (titanium or the like) is inserted into your dental prosthesis for stability. 2-3 weeks after the operation another check-up takes place in our practice. You receive valuable tips on how to care for and clean the new fixed dental prosthesis.

Medium-term adjustment – The final dental prosthesis is adjusted after a 3-6 months to the completely healed mouth. If you wish a dental prosthesis made of ceramic, we can manufacture this for you.

Long-term success – Both teeth and implants must be consistently checked by a dentist and professionally cared for. You therefore visit our practice two to three times in the year for a professional implant cleaning (similar to a teeth cleaning). We remove the solid bridge and the implants are systematically attended to. The implants sites are cleaned with a special powder. You leave the practice again with your beautiful “fixed teeth” within 30-60 minutes. 


Respect ok, but please no fear.

The treatments are absolutely painless for you – modern dentistry makes this possible. Even after an operation, there is no pain that cannot be controlled with standard medication. The dental procedure will be performed under general anesthesia as an out-patient.


Always achievable for you.

Should you have any urgent questions or problems after surgery, we are of course available to you outside office hours! You receive an emergency number to call. 

Operating Method


Safety and precision.

Prior to the actual installation of the implants, all important surgical decisions are weighed and discussed with you based on a 3D simulation. As the basis for this, we take a 3D image of your jaw (digital volume tomography – DVT).

In the operation, individually manufactured navigation templates are used. These increase the safety and precision of your surgery. Sensitive areas such as the maxillary sinus in the upper jaw are bypassed and the risk of injuring nerves is thereby minimized. 

Avoiding bone augmentation

Reducing the risk.

With this method, implants with up to a 30° incline are inserted in the jaw-bone. In this way, we can use your own bone optimally and avoid a time-consuming bone augmentation. 

Immediate loading

Straight to the goal.

Using special implants, we maximize stability and support in the jaw and enable the immediate loading of your new teeth. Long healing times are avoided. 

Fixed teeth

On only 4 implants.

Strategic positioning of the implants in the jaw makes it possible to anchor an individual bridge on only 4-6 implants. This consists of at least 12 teeth per jaw. Your palate remains completely free, which gives your teeth a natural feel and your sense of taste is not affected. 

Treatment details

Immediate implantation

Straight to the new tooth.

If a tooth not worth preserving is extracted, then this can usually be replaced by an implant in the same sitting quickly and predictably. One requirement for immediate implantation is an inflammation-free operating field and sufficient bone.

Exact planning & diagnostics, precise operating procedures and surgical expertise play a crucial role in such a case. If you receive a provisional dental prosthetic in the same appointment, i.e. fixed teeth are integrated immediately, then we refer to an immediate loading of the tooth implants.

Implantation without bone augmentation

The direct route to having fixed teeth.

With precise diagnostics, planning and adapted operating methods, we can bypass a time-consuming bone augmentation in many cases – particularly when restoring a whole or half jaw!

How? – With so-called angled implants. We deliberately install tooth implants diagonally in the jaw-bone at strategic positions. Thus the shape and position of the tooth and the appearance of the final prosthesis remain unchanged.

Why? – We make optimal use of your own bone and usually avoid a complex and time-consuming bone augmentation of the jaw.

A positive side effect of angled tooth implants: the implants can be inserted into the bone with increased stability and allow us to load the dental prosthesis immediately due to the improved statics.

By what means? – The special tooth implants are used – combined with a modern and lasting operating method. Your advantage! – We can offer you a much faster and more comfortable implant solution. Without bone augmentation! This means an additional procedure with long healing phases can often be avoided.

Immediate loading

Immediate loading of implants possible in many cases!

Whether a new hip, a new knee or a tooth implant – in modern medicine, the operating fields are loaded faster and sooner. In orthopedics, for example, a new knee already undergoes controlled pressure after 2-4 days. The success rates speak for themselves.

In implantology immediate loading is also very often possible!
For good reason: the success rate of an immediate implantation corresponds to a conventional implantation.

The advantages are obvious:

  • You immediately receive fixed teeth after the tooth implant is installed.
  • Long healing times without teeth can be dealt with using this method.
  • The number of dentist visits and costs are reduced.

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