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Anxious patients / anesthesia

We take your anxiety seriously.

Our entire team is dedicated to making your treatment experience at our practice a pleasant one. If you suffer from dental anxiety, please don’t be shy and talk to us about it. Together with you, we will find a good solution.

Trust between dentist and patient is the foundation of a relaxed treatment experience. We achieve this through information, empathy, professionalism, and time for our patients. 

Our practice offers a broad range of options to effectively and securely control and eliminate anxiety, pain and stress.

Dental anxiety is very common.

Many people are afraid of dental treatments. Studies have demonstrated that approx. one third of all patients experience moderate anxiety, while more than 10% show symptoms of panic attacks. Typically patients tend to avoid the situation and do not come for regular dental check-ups.

As the result, the dental health of these patients often deteriorates. Oral health problems such as caries, gingivitis or periodontitis and their complications can develop/get worse.

To allow us to better care for our patients, the treatment of patients with dental anxiety is one of the key concerns in our daily practice:

  • We build the relationship between dentist and patient on trust.
  • We provide detailed information and explain all options and treatment steps.
  • We make time for you.
  • We create a pleasant atmosphere where you can relax.

Respect ok, but please no fear.

Painful dental treatments are a thing of the past. Yet many patients are still plagued with fear. With individual information sessions, time and honest consultation, we help you to reduce these fears. 

The treatments are absolutely painless for you – modern dentistry makes this possible. Even after an operation, there is no pain that cannot be controlled with standard medication. 

All dental and surgical procedures can be performed under sedation (twilight sleep or local anesthesia) as well as under general anesthesia as an out-patient. The decision depends on the specific situation and your own desires.

Should any problems arise after surgery, we are of course available to our customers also outside office hours! We are happy to give you an emergency number.


Local anesthesia

Local anesthesia involves the application of a local anesthetic to the surgerical site. By blocking the sensory nerve ends, it eliminates local pain. The perception of pain sensations is reversibly switched off. In addition, a commonly prescribed tranquilizer can be given. With this, you can relax and experience a pain-free treatment.

Dental treatment during sleep – “twilight sleep”

 “Twilight sleep” (IV sedation/analgosedation) is the ideal method to prevent stress, anxiety and pain during examinations, treatments or surgery. The patient is not aware of the treatment and later cannot recall it. Unlike general anesthesia, IV sedation has a rather short effect and can be controlled very well. The patient can be woken up from twilight sleep at any point in time. Hypnotics and analgesics are administered carefully and at doses that allow for rapid metabolisation. Spontaneous breathing is not suppressed. Patients under IV sedation are as carefully monitored by the anesthetist as patients under general anesthesia. 

Painless dental treatment with general anesthesia

General anesthesia sends the patient to a state similar to deep sleep in which all pain sensations are completely blocked. Patients are unconscious and feel no pain during the procedure. The sleep and pain medications are administered via a venous access, making it a stress-free experience. During general anesthesia, mechanical ventilation is required which is performed in very gentle way after the application of muscle relaxants (relaxation). To ensure patient safety, the anesthetist monitors the patient’s vital functions during the entire duration of the surgery. Even after surgery, patients are continuously monitored until they feel no more effects of the medications and can safely leave the practice.

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