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Safety and Precision through high-tech planning.

The goal of every implantation is the accurate positioning of the tooth implant. This is particularly important for the later prosthetic restorations, e.g. an esthetic implant crown. A three-dimensional simulation of the implant on the computer before the actual operation helps to realize this goal in many cases.

We can therefore weigh all important decisions for implant surgeries based on a 3D simulation and discuss them with you before the implant is actually inserted. 

Implant length and position? Implant diameter? Which implant system? Is bone augmentation needed? Which surgical procedure should we use? We consider all these questions beforehand on the basis of three-dimensional planning, and can concentrate fully on your treatment during the actual implant insertion. In the operation, individually manufactured navigation templates are used. These increase the safety and precision of your surgery. 

In every single case we decide whether the implantation should take place with or without a navigation template. What is decisive and essential, however, is the surgical expertise of the implantologist.

Latest technologies

Digital radiography

Maximum visibility with minimal exposure.

An unbeatable advantage of digital radiographic technology is reduced radiation exposure compared to classical analog technology. The reason is that digital storage films or x-ray sensors have a significantly higher sensitivity compared to conventional x-ray films.

Digital radiographs offer superior image quality compared with conventional images and perfectly visualize tooth and bone structures. In addition, they are immediately edited and fine-tuned. 

Digital radiography should be used and applied for the correct medical indications. In this way, digital radiography can make a significant contribution to the protection and preservation of the health of the patients and their teeth.

DVT / 3D diagnostics

For every situation the best solution.

In our practice we offer our patients all the possibilities of advanced diagnostic radiography! For each clinical situation, we thoroughly assess which imaging modality is medically indicated. Our aim is to get maximum information with minimal radiation exposure.

Using digital volume tomography (DVT), we can obtain overlap-free tomograms in high spatial resolution with minimal radiation exposure. Even very small bony structures of the skull are visualized in great detail.

Procedures can be planned and performed with unprecedented precision and safety using this technology.

Virtual implant planning

Knowing the destination of the journey

3D image data can be used for computer-aided dental implant planning. They help us find the best possible implant position while taking dental prosthesis planning and the anatomical situation into consideration. 

Navigation templates

Precise realization of the planed situation.

We now often place implants using drilling templates. These are planned and designed with a special software. The drilling template helps to precisely place implants in the surgically and/or prosthetically desired position.

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