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Implants4 - all-around treatment at top level.

In our "implant center munich" we offer an all-around treatment. Compared to many other practices that focus only on implants - we also provide dental implant-supported prosthesis. This helps you save time and money. The 4 steps of implants4 are:

  1. Consultation, anamnesis, 3D diagnostics (DVT), treatment plan.
  2. Precise computer navigated implantation.
  3. Dental prosthetics "Made-in-Munich" directly at our practice.
  4. Cleaning, hygiene, follow-up care of your implants and implant-supported prosthesis.

Increased quality of life with fixed teeth.

Would you like a permanently fixed set of teeth? Modern implantology makes this possible, whether only one tooth is missing or several. The goal of implantology is the complete reconstruction of the teeth as well as an esthetic and perfectly functional dental prosthesis.

Implants cannot be visually differentiated from natural teeth and also feel like your own. And thanks to their robustness, they replace the missing teeth for a very long period.

Dental implants are gently placed into the jaw and heal, similarly to the body’s own tooth roots, into the bones. A firm and natural dental prosthetic can then be integrated functionally and esthetically.

For patients with extensive treatments or those with anxiety, we offer professional anesthetic care. All dental and surgical treatments can therefore take place under sedation (twilight sleep / local anesthesia) or under general anesthesia. This depends in each case on the individual situation and on your own wishes. Anxiety- and pain-free (anesthetic treatment)

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