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Take good preventive measures with your teeth.

The purpose of our efforts is to help you achieve good “oral health”, meaning preserving healthy and beautiful teeth for a long time.

Gum inflammations on teeth or implants can ultimately lead to their loss over time. Therefore both teeth and implants must be consistently checked and professionally cared for. Our work therefore focuses on individual and professional teeth and/or implant cleaning.

We work with an individual prophylaxis program according to the highest standards, which is oriented toward your personal risk for tooth and gum diseases. Dental prophylaxis aims at perfect oral hygiene, which effectively reduces bacterial surfaces on teeth and implants. Only the permanent reduction of the bacterial load prevents gum diseases such as periodontosis/periodontitis and/or peri-implantitis.

Regular dental prophylaxis thus represents the best chance for preserving your teeth and implants.

If gum diseases are already present around teeth (gingivitis/periodontitis) and around implants (mucositis/peri-implantitis), systematic treatment concepts must be used to guarantee preservation of the tooth and/or implant. 
Therefore, our prophylaxis team consists of highly qualified dental hygienists who are fully committed to caring for and supporting you.

We will gladly advise you individually about professional teeth cleaning and periodontitis treatment!

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