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Esthetic Dentistry

“Reconstructive dentistry " is a synonym for a modern perioprosthetic treatment concept. With periodontology as the basis, implantology and prosthetics in the center and esthetic dentistry at the fore, dental health, optimal function, chewing comfort, biocompatibility and good esthetics are the goals when re-establishing the masticatory organ. 

The treatment proceeds by selecting the optimum materials and techniques from the different specialist fields of dentistry (e.g. periodontology, implantology, prosthetics, esthetics, etc.). This is because only a high-quality reconstruction can preserve the treatment result carefully over the long term.

In order to fulfill these requirements in a rapidly developing (dental) medical world, we are absolute proponents of specialization. Everyone focuses on his own strengths and we work together with other specialists as a team! 

Through our specialization we have the competence and specialized knowledge from the subdivisions of dentistry in a reconstructive treatment concept. This creates perfect synergies and maximum quality.

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