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Dentist Natalie Wittlinger


Fields of concentration:
Endodontics / Esthetic dentistry / Restorative dentistry

Sandra Schiener

Dental Administrative Assistant

Reception / Professional Patient Care / Contact for referring dentists / Accounting / Treatment and cost plans

Manuela Plötz

Dental Administrative Assistant

Accounting / Treatment and cost plans

Claudia Pelzer

Educated Dental Assistant

Assistant for Dental Prophylaxis

Assistance / Surgical assistance / Material management - Surgery  and Implantology / Quality management / Equipment supervisor / Professional tooth cleaning / Caries prevention / Children prophylaxis


Gül Yildirim

Educated Dental Assistant

Assistance / Surgical and prosthetic assistance / Material management - prosthetics / Management dental laboratories

Waltraud Krause

Dental hygienist

Professional tooth cleaning / Subgingival scaling and root planing / Caries prevention / Biofilm management

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